New Generation Awards

We are excited to welcome Lindy Taoushiani on-board our 2018 judging panel. Lindy's exstensive expertise in marketing, strategy and business development will prove crucial when helping to assess this year's entries. We look forward to working with you.

As in all small businesses, everyone did a bit of everything and as our clients’ needs grew so the agency grew. With the acquisition of the Wimpy BTL business, (2001 – 2005) Artifact expanded its team and expertise, finding a niche in the QSR and franchising market.  

Artifact was one of the earliest adopters of digital marketing as a fully inhouse service (2007) and Artifact Online was born, with Lindy at the helm. Along with search marketing, Artifact Online developed a social media marketing team before merging the digital company back into Artifact Advertising, 4 years later – offering clients a fully integrated service.

Artifact continued its QSR journey acquiring the Taste Holdings business (Maxi’s, Scooters, Fish and Chip co, Zebro’s) and launching Domino’s Pizza in 2014 and Starbucks in 2015.

In 2012 Artifact won the Nissan digital marketing account, followed by Infiniti and Datsun under the Nissan umbrella. In 2014 Artifact became the creative and digital agency for Supaquick, followed by Bridgestone and Firestone. 

In 2014, Lindy was asked to join the newly formed executive team at Taste Holdings as the first Divisional Marketing Exec for the franchise group. During the four years at Taste holdings, Lindy oversaw the marketing of three QSR brands and was part of the marketing team that launched global brands, Domino’s Pizza and Starbucks into South Africa.

In her absence, Artifact was appointed Social Agency for Telkom in 2016 and has further grown their expertise in digital and social strategy and media.

Lindy has resumed her position as Strategy Director at Artifact and also taken on the role of New Business Development Director.