New Generation Awards

Dani Morley has 16 years’ experience working with both local and global, traditional advertising and online innovation agencies. 

Dani’s philosophy and foundation is centred around growth of her clients as well as building, with her teams, a unique brand of customer intimacy and partnering strategically with them to deliver innovative marketing and advertising solutions. Her core skills include commercial and business development, client relationship and portfolio growth management.

She has worked across most verticals, including, but not limited to corporate, financial services, mining, petroleum, FMCG, QSR and fashion retail, tertiary educational institutions, as well as pharma and neutroceuticals.

Dani believes the role of digital needs agile delivery and an economising marketing spend, especially in the current economy. However, over and above the shared value clients expect of their agencies, the work needs to be strategically led and underpinned by creative excellence. Tapping into our clients’ purpose allows us to get closer to the point where our marketing really starts to make a difference.

Dani and her creative partner, Dylan Mclean, joined forces in June 2015, taking Connect Joe Public from a greenfield digital agency to a 48-man digital interactions agency delivering brand growth through four key areas:content, innovation, platform and experiences.

Founded in 1998 and growing into Joe Public United in 2007, makes this advertising communication group one of the countries largest 100% independently owned entities. Its core purpose is to deliver on growth – growth of its clients, its people and country as well as aiming to be an agency that inspires greatness. Joe Public United was rated as the 2014 Agency Group of the Year and also as the Agencies’ Agency of the Year for two consecutive years running. The group is an integrated offering serviced through its specialist companies: Joe Public (Above-the-line), Connect Joe Public (Digital), Engage Joe Public (Public Relations), Ignite Joe Public (Cross-platform) and Shift Joe Public (Brand Design). The group also has African and European partners/affiliates in 14 different countries. 

For more information, visit and follow on @JoePublicUnitedFacebook and Instagram